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L. Reed Bloodworth, Bloodworth Law, PLLC., is an Orlando, Florida attorney who practices business litigation, and trust and estate litigation. Since 2004 Reed has handled hundreds of cases and helped businesses, families and individuals in Florida pursue legal actions, negotiations, mediations, settlements, or when necessary, lawsuits.

Reed has been selected by legal peers as one the Florida Legal Elite™, an award granted by Florida Trend to fewer than 2% of Florida attorneys. He is an Avvo-Rated Superb Lawyer, and a Martindale-Hubbell AV Peer-Rated Pre-Eminent attorney.

Clients want a skilled litigator who will fight for them, who believes in their case and who knows the courtroom. Reed understands what a jury can do, knows when a settlement should be considered or when to stand up and prepare for a battle. Reed Bloodworth is a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who will do what clients ask after explaining the legal options available.

Reed feels it’s important that clients understand the various outcomes when litigation on an issue begins. While a client often wants to sue an opposing party–which can become expensive and lengthy–there may be alternatives better suited to reach client goals. Reed forms a team with clients to pursue the desired outcome on a case.

A first step in every case is providing clients with fee structures to allow cases to move forward immediately. Reed will accept cases, after review, by contingency fee, project fee, an hourly rate, or a hybrid fee structure.

If it’s time to talk about what happened in your legal situation, consult with business law and trust and estate law attorney L. Reed Bloodworth, Bloodworth Law, PLLC., by calling 407-777-8541. Send Reed your questions at: Reed@LawyerFightsForYou.com Bloodworth Law, PLLC., is located at 224 E. Marks St., Suite 1, in Orlando, Florida. Reed works with clients across Florida.

Legal Fee Options

Bloodworth Law offers several legal fee options to clients:

  • Contingency Fee: Clients pay attorney fees after a case is completed and when it pays out. Contingency fee cases are available for business litigation, and for trust and estate litigation cases. Reed accepts cases on contingency after review and consideration.
  • Project Fee: Clients pay attorney fees for a project fee where an amount is set based on the work expected for a case.
  • Hourly Rate: Clients pay an hourly rate for a case.
  • Hybrid Fee: Clients pay a combination of an hourly rate and a contingency fee for a case.

You can call and talk with Reed about what caused your legal problem, what stage your case is in, and how he would address the legal issues that you’re facing. Filing a lawsuit is a serious decision and a choice that will have a significant financial, personal and professional impact upon you, your family and your business, now and in the future.

Reed can explain all your options for resolving legal disputes in business litigation, or address beneficiary, trust & estate problems. Reed represents plaintiffs and defendants.

Attorney L. Reed Bloodworth Practice Areas:

Business Litigation

The areas of practice and typical Business Litigation that L. Reed Bloodworth handles include Business Litigation which is a general term that describes a broad area of civil litigation involving any aspect of business.

  • Breach of Contract
  • Business Torts including Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Negligent or Fraudulent Misrepresentation
  • Shareholder and Partnership

Reed explains that legal choices including a lawsuit, mediation, negotiation, settlement, summary judgment to resolve a business dispute in a business setting is financial. Business litigation over a business dispute, those decisions and the actions or lack thereof can affect vast amounts of money for you and your company and its future.

Reed also handles Shareholder and Partnership disputes that arise between a minority shareholder and a majority shareholder or owner. And in those situations Reed typically represents a minority owner of a company against the majority owner of a company for various wrongs that he or she may have committed, the plaintiff, not the defendant.

Trust & Estate Litigation

Trust & Estate Litigation is litigation involving someone’s estate planning: either their will–which would be Estate Litigation or Probate Litigation—or their trust—which is Trust Litigation. My practice focuses on representing beneficiaries—or people who should be beneficiaries—in trust and estate litigation. Trust & Estate litigation cases include:
  • Undue Influence
  • Lack of Capacity
  • Tortious Interference with a Testamentary Expectancy

When business disputes incite legal action or a problem or questionable action arises involving a trust or an estate, learn about your options. Reed invites you to ask questions and will provide you with answers that you’ll understand. Talk about your legal problems in a formal consultation by calling Reed at 407-777-8541 or send questions to attorney Reed Bloodworth at Reed@LawyerFightsForYou.com Work with an experienced, skilled attorney who you’re confident can and will help you in the area of law in which you’re having problems. Talk about your case with Reed and he’ll assess your case and then you can decide which actions will be best for your situation.

Business Litigation:
Breach of Contract
Shareholder & Partnership Litigation
Business Torts

Commercial Litigation:
Banking & Finance
Corporate Law
Mergers & Acquisitions

Trust & Estate Litigation:
Undue Influence
Lack of Capacity
Tortious Interference

Florida Lawyer L. Reed Bloodworth Practice Areas:

Business Litigation: business litigation is a broad term that applies to all categories of civil litigation (non-violent litigation) that pertains to business legal disputes.

  • Breach of Contract: contract is broken and legal remedy is needed
  • Shareholder & Partnership Litigation: litigation stemming from negative actions or between company parties
  • Business Torts: Describes the many causes of action for business litigation
    • Fraudulent Misrepresentation: one party lies to get another party into a contract with the other party
    • Negligent Misrepresentation: one party makes false statements to close a deal
    • Breach of Fiduciary Duty: one parties’ position breaches duty of trust to others in a contract
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Employment Litigation
  • Financial Services Regulation Law
  • Investment Losses and Securities Fraud
  • Legal Malpractice and Professional Liability
  • Real Estate Litigation

Orlando Business Lawsuit Attorney L Reed BloodworthPersonal Injury: someone is physically harmed by negligent or wrongful acts of another

  • Car Accidents: typically responsible party in car accident is party committing a wrong, i.e., runs stop sign, crosses into other lane, rear ends vehicle
  • Slip & Fall: someone slips on foreign substance on floor and is injured
  • Wrongful Death: someone has died as the result of a negligent act of another

Trust & Estate Litigation: litigation involving someone’s estate planning, will or trust

  • Undue Influence: influence over a person to change a will or trust
  • Lack of Capacity: absence of mental capacity at time will or trust was signed
  • Tortious Interference with a Testamentary Expectancy: interference in expected will or trust changed to little or no inheritance

Communication During Breach of Contract

Are you aware of what you should and shouldn’t say? Communication during breach of contract can be safe or can lock you into a position, or cause problems. Before any communication is made between the parties ask an attorney for advice. An attorney may resolve an issue quickly.

Do You Have a Breach of Contract Case?

Orlando Florida breach of contract attorney Reed Bloodworth knows that business lawsuits often start with a breach of contract. In any case, the facts are going to determine what type of case you have and ultimately what’s the monetary amount at issue?

Common Defenses for Breach of Contract

Let’s get down to basics and talk about some common defenses for breach of contract by asking questions and getting answers about the contract in question. First, was the contract it a verbal contract or a written contract?Is it legal or was it induced by fraud? Does it contain the three basic elements of a legal contract?

This Client Made My Day

This client made my day with a few kind words and some insight as to how to better help other clients like him. I often litigate and will express to clients what their options are from lawsuit, to settling out of court, various forms of mediation. All cases are different which makes what I do very interesting. It’s the clients that make being a lawyer rewarding for me.

Compliments from a Client

It’s a true honor to receive compliments from a client who you’ve worked really hard for and wanted to ensure that they were happy with the work you did. I do my best in every case toward the outcome a client wants but as we all know, there are no promises and for clients this can be very a nerve-wracking challenging process.

What My Client Said About Me

An Orlando client describes his experience in working with Reed Bloodworth on a case. Every legal case is different, but what never changes is the importance of a client’s needs, desires and hopes for the legal outcome. The attorney’s position is to fight using the law for the choices made by the client.

Father with Alzheimer’s Wants to Change His Will

It’s very difficult when a person with Alzheimer’s wants to change a will. In this situation a father is in business with his son, gets Alzheimer’s and begins to think the worst of his son. The father wants to change his will, but sadly, dies of Alzheimer’s complications. Can a will be changed by someone who has Alzheimer’s?

Bloodworth Pursues Lawyer Accused of Stealing Clients’ Assets

There are many lawyers who are extremely honest and very talented, but there are also lawyers who don’t follow the law. Reed Bloodworth pursues an attorney accused of stealing funds from many clients. Real estate, savings, investments may be gone forever. Be sure to get references before hiring a lawyer.

Who Can Sue Over a Trust or an Estate

Orlando Florida trust and estate litigation attorney L. Reed Bloodworth explains that only a person or persons who are considered to be an interested person (those with an interest in the outcome of the administration of the estate or the trust assets) may bring a lawsuit to dispute that estate or trust.

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