Communication During Breach of Contract

Are you aware of what you should and shouldn’t say? Communication during breach of contract can be safe or can lock you into a position, or cause problems. Before any communication is made between the parties ask an attorney for advice. An attorney may resolve an issue quickly.

Do You Have a Breach of Contract Case?

Orlando Florida breach of contract attorney Reed Bloodworth knows that business lawsuits often start with a breach of contract. In any case, the facts are going to determine what type of case you have and ultimately what’s the monetary amount at issue?

Common Defenses for Breach of Contract

Let’s get down to basics and talk about some common defenses for breach of contract by asking questions and getting answers about the contract in question. First, was the contract it a verbal contract or a written contract?Is it legal or was it induced by fraud? Does it contain the three basic elements of a legal contract?

Defenses to Breach of Contract

If you’ve been sued for breach of contract or are being threatened to be sued for breach of contract contact an attorney to talk about it. An attorney may save you time, clarify actions, prevent confusion, stop you from making rash decisions.

The communication you make can affect your defenses to breach of contract. Don’t try to figure it out without a lawyer.

This Client Made My Day

This client made my day with a few kind words and some insight as to how to better help other clients like him. I often litigate and will express to clients what their options are from lawsuit, to settling out of court, various forms of mediation. All cases are different which makes what I do very interesting. It’s the clients that make being a lawyer rewarding for me.

Compliments from a Client

It’s a true honor to receive compliments from a client who you’ve worked really hard for and wanted to ensure that they were happy with the work you did. I do my best in every case toward the outcome a client wants but as we all know, there are no promises and for clients this can be very a nerve-wracking challenging process.

What My Client Said About Me

An Orlando client describes his experience in working with Reed Bloodworth on a case. Every legal case is different, but what never changes is the importance of a client’s needs, desires and hopes for the legal outcome. The attorney’s position is to fight using the law for the choices made by the client.

Father with Alzheimer’s Wants to Change His Will

It’s very difficult when a person with Alzheimer’s wants to change a will. In this situation a father is in business with his son, gets Alzheimer’s and begins to think the worst of his son. The father wants to change his will, but sadly, dies of Alzheimer’s complications. Can a will be changed by someone who has Alzheimer’s?

Bloodworth Pursues Lawyer Accused of Stealing Clients’ Assets

There are many lawyers who are extremely honest and very talented, but there are also lawyers who don’t follow the law. Reed Bloodworth pursues an attorney accused of stealing funds from many clients. Real estate, savings, investments may be gone forever. Be sure to get references before hiring a lawyer.

Who Can Sue Over a Trust or an Estate

Orlando Florida trust and estate litigation attorney L. Reed Bloodworth explains that only a person or persons who are considered to be an interested person (those with an interest in the outcome of the administration of the estate or the trust assets) may bring a lawsuit to dispute that estate or trust.

Trust & Estate Lawsuit FAQs

A trust is a financial situation created to hold property and assets for another party or parties who are called beneficiaries who are the actual property and asset owners.

Whatever you own that holds worth is your estate. Objectives in managing and planning an estate involve the distribution and handling of these assets in the future. Investments, savings, property, real estate and other assets should be managed properly to build and maintain value for you and for your family.

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