Pay for Business Cases, Trust & Estate Cases via Contingency Fees

Reed Bloodworth has been an Orlando Florida business, personal injury and trust and estate litigation attorney since 2004. Clients have the option to pay for business cases, trust & estate cases via contingency fees.

Every case is reviewed and there is no guarantee that it will qualify or be accepted as a contingency fee case.

What Should Be Included in a Business Contract

Orlando Florida attorney Reed Bloodworth explains that a business contract is a legally enforceable promise. A contract has 3 primary elements. 1. someone has offered to do something. 2. Acceptance of the offer. 3. Consideration–something of value is offered. No matter what the contract, if you sign it, you’re committed to it. Be sure to have an attorney review every contract.

What Are the Stages of Business Litigation

Florida business litigation attorney Reed Bloodworth explains the stages of business litigation which include a range of options provided to clients so that clients may choose how they’d like to resolve the legal problem. Lawsuits are expensive and time consuming for businesses of all sizes which is why settlement or mediation may become the resolve.

What are the Stages of a Trial?

What do the terms trial, arbitration, mediation, verdict, and settlement mean? I’m asked the question “what are the stages of a trial?” And it’s common to ask as clients are often confused as to a number of terms pertaining to lawsuits. Sometimes it’s the very stages of lawsuits. So let’s run through some of those terms.

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Florida Trust & Estate Litigation Questions

Reed Bloodworth has been a top Trust and Estate Litigation attorney in Florida since 2004 and has extensive experience handling and resolving issues for beneficiaries.

Call Reed Bloodworth at 407-777-8541 to begin at least talking about what happened to you. Get on the phone and go through your list of questions with Reed first. You need to sort out your situation and get real answers from Reed.

Trust & Estate Litigation

I’m Florida trust & estate litigation attorney Reed Bloodworth. Let’s talk about your case and find out what options you may have as a beneficiary. All will, estate and trust cases vary greatly so you’ll need to talk with an attorney experienced in this area of law.

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