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Bloodworth Law Partner Wins Significant PIP Appeal

Bloodworth Law Partner Wins Significant PIP Appeal

Orlando, Florida, litigation attorney and Bloodworth Law partner Alyson M. Laderman, played a key role in a September 2021 Florida Fifth District Court of Appeals opinion on several Personal Injury Protection (PIP) cases which was a victory for medical providers.

Laderman was lead counsel and won a summary judgment at the trial level on the then-novel issue. Geico Insurance Company appealed that ruling and won at the intermediary circuit court.

Laderman, on behalf of her clients, then appealed to the higher court at the Fifth District Court of Appeals and thereafter provided legal arguments for the appellate briefs on this significant PIP legal issue. The Court’s opinion may be read here:

Laderman explained that the series of cases, initiated in 2018, concerned the auto insurance company’s underpayment of charges for medical services provided by her medical practice clients many years prior.

Geico Must Pay Correct Amounts

“Geico Insurance had underpaid these medical providers back in 2013 to 2014 and is finally, after eight years, being required by the Court to pay the correct amounts due and owing in each of these four matters,” Laderman said.

Victory for Medical Providers

“This is a victory for all the hardworking medical providers who do not overcharge and instead do everything they can for their patients to make treatment affordable,” Laderman said.

“It is a wonderful feeling to be able to help them recover what is legally due and owing so that they can continue doing what they do best — treat patients.”

Afraid to Challenge Auto Insurers

Laderman said many Florida medical providers don’t want to challenge auto insurers and instead accept what has been paid.

“This is a mistake,” Laderman said. “As a medical provider and billing company for medical practices, you don’t know what is due and owing until you speak with an attorney who is up-to-date on the current laws in Florida.

“At Bloodworth Law, we not only keep up with the changes, but we are the ones making positive changes in the law with our litigation efforts. All cases are streamlined, as best we can, and tailored to the legal issues at hand so as not to interrupt our clients’ practices.”

Experienced PIP Litigation Team

PIP Litigation is any legal action taken by a medical provider or an individual with PIP insurance to recoup unpaid or underpaid PIP medical bills from an auto insurance company.

Laderman has 18 years of litigation experience in the insurance industry, and Bloodworth Law partner Michael J. LaPorte has 24 years of litigation experience in the insurance industry.

Laderman and LaPorte represented insurance companies prior to the plaintiff’s side work. They now represent medical providers, practices, and their patients in actions that challenge insurance policies provisions, Florida’s PIP statute, and the insurers’ payment amounts.

Pursuing PIP payments owed by insurance companies is not a job for bookkeepers or bill collectors. Only PIP attorneys can litigate against the insurers to make sure the correct amounts are paid on PIP claims to medical providers.

PIP Bills Pile Up

A frequent problem for PIP medical providers is that they’re not paid in full by insurance companies for PIP patient care.

Cases pile up, and after several years, some providers give up chasing funds despite holding onto hundreds or even thousands of unpaid or underpaid PIP cases.

“If you are a medical provider who has charges that are less than the Medicare fee schedule amounts, it is likely that you might be due and owing additional benefits from all insurance carriers in the State of Florida for charges submitted in the last five years,” Laderman said.

You’re Already On Their Radar

Laderman has often had medical providers say, “I don’t want to pursue additional benefits, because I’m scared I’m going to be on an insurance company’s radar.

“But the reality is, you already are,” Laderman said. “They know when you’re willing to take less than what you are legally entitled to recuperate from the insurance company.

“They know when they can take advantage of you. That’s why it’s important to find an attorney that you trust to handle your case against the insurance carrier, and to recoup additional benefits for your practice that might be due.”

What Is PIP?

Florida law requires all drivers to purchase Personal Injury Protection – PIP — insurance with each automobile policy. PIP is a no-fault insurance meaning it doesn’t matter who’s at fault in an accident: individuals may be entitled to up to $10,000 in medical benefits, wage loss, and death benefits.

PIP coverage includes medical treatment for patients’ injuries at medical facilities, the exploratory examinations, surgeries, and ongoing care and therapy after an auto accident.

Generally, car accident victims get help at urgent care centers, chiropractors, MRI and X-ray facilities, hospitals, dentists, orthopedic physicians, independent doctors, surgeons, and general practitioners.

Bloodworth Law Provides Clients Many Resources

The Bloodworth Law PIP team provides clients the full resources available to the law firm and is committed to working personally with PIP clients to review each one of the respective PIP files.

“The Bloodworth Law PIP team wants you to succeed and provides access to our entire law firm to help support your business,” said managing partner L. Reed Bloodworth. “We’re committed to fighting for every one of our clients and for their unique cases.

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