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Employment Laws Florida Employers May Not Know

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Employment Law Quiz for Florida Employers

Take this Employment Law Quiz for Florida Employers to find out whether your company may want to check in with an attorney:

Question #1: Minimum Wage

Which Florida employers have to pay employees the minimum hourly wage of $10 per hour?


All Florida employers have to pay minimum wage: public, private, and businesses of all sizes.

Question #2: Annual Wage Increase

How much will the minimum hourly wage increase annually?


The minimum wage will increase by $1 per hour annually through the year 2026.

Question #3: Contractors

Are Florida employers required to report hiring independent contractors who make over $600 in a year?


Yes, as of Oct 1, 2021, Florida law requires all employers receiving services from any non-employee paid $600 or more in a calendar year, to report the independent contractor to the State Directory of New Hires just as they would an employee.

Here are several other questions Florida employers may have to address:

Question #4: LGBTQ+

What are the rights of LGBTQ+ employees in Florida?

Question #5: Benefits

Can Florida employers offer additional benefits to top employees only?

Question #6: Harassment

Who is responsible if a customer harasses one of your employees?

Question #7: FMLA

Can you fire an employee who is out on Family or Medical Leave if they have a history of work issues?

Question #8: Reasonable Accommodations

What is a reasonable accommodation for employees with disabilities?

Question #9: Accommodations

What is the first step Florida employers must take when there is a request for accommodation by persons with a disability? Employee or customer?

Question #10: Discrimination

If you have less than 15 employees, can you still be held liable for discrimination or harassment in Florida?

Will you wait until there’s a major employment issue at your business before having an attorney address your questions?

Talk with Reed Bloodworth and the Bloodworth Law Employment Team about your employees and your company so that you understand Florida laws and how they apply to your business.

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