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What Should Be Included in a Business Contract

Orlando Florida attorney Reed Bloodworth explains that a business contract is a legally enforceable promise. A contract has 3 primary elements. 1. someone has offered to do something. 2. Acceptance of the offer. 3. Consideration–something of value is offered. No matter what the contract, if you sign it, you’re committed to it. Be sure to […]

What Are the Stages of Business Litigation

Florida business litigation attorney Reed Bloodworth explains the stages of business litigation which include a range of options provided to clients so that clients may choose how they’d like to resolve the legal problem. Lawsuits are expensive and time consuming for businesses of all sizes which is why settlement or mediation may become the resolve.

Breach of Contract

Florida business litigation attorney Reed Bloodworth explains that breach of contract occurs when something very significant regarding the contract did not happen and was not performed by one of the parties. Start with the contract which must have an offer, acceptance and consideration. When one of these elements is not followed within the contract, there […]

Florida Trust & Estate Litigation Questions

Reed Bloodworth has been a top Trust and Estate Litigation attorney in Florida since 2004 and has extensive experience handling and resolving issues for beneficiaries. Call Reed Bloodworth at 407-777-8541 to begin at least talking about what happened to you. Get on the phone and go through your list of questions with Reed first. You […]

What is Business Litigation

Orlando Florida attorney Reed Bloodworth answers the question what is business litigation? Business Litigation is a very general term used to describe a broad area of civil litigation. Business litigation is a type of litigation that can affect virtually any aspect of business or you and your involvement with you and your business. Business litigation […]

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