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Meet Bloodworth Law Associate Attorney Christina M. Miner

Meet Bloodworth Law Associate Attorney Christina M. Miner

Florida Associate Attorney Christina M. Miner has been a valued member of the Bloodworth Law Probate Litigation, Trust Litigation, and Estate Planning teams since 2019.

“I handle estate planning, probate, and guardianship,” Christina said.

“What I enjoy most about practicing law is actually meeting with my clients. I enjoy getting to know my clients when we have our consultations and when we come back and we meet to review documents. I really like getting to know my clients and their family members.”

Christina M. Miner represents clients on cases including:

Giving Clients The Personal Attention They Deserve

“My client philosophy is giving my clients the personal attention that they deserve,” said Christina who has practiced law since 2009.

“Unlike big firms, the attorney at Bloodworth Law that’s assigned to the case is typically the attorney that’s going to be contacting the clients.  That’s who the clients are actually working with.

“I am the one that speaks with my clients,” she said. “They have my cell phone and they know that they can call me day, night, even the weekends I speak with them, and I answer emails and texts.

‘Again, it just all goes back to building that relationship of trust.”

Clients Should Be Able to Reach Their Attorney

What clients should know about hiring a law firm is that make sure you’re hiring the law firm and the attorney.

“You should know that you’re going to be able to be in contact with the attorney, and they’re going to always have your best interest at heart,” Christina said. “I find that’s really important that they put your interests above money.”

You’ll Speak With The Attorney Assigned To Your Case

Christina explained that Bloodworth Law is different because the attorney that’s assigned to your case is the attorney who’s actually working on the case and who is speaking with clients.

“There’s not a medium that’s going in-between and playing a telephone game,” Christina said. “You’re actually getting that personal attention from your Bloodworth Law attorney.”

Honored To Help Families

“A legal accomplishment I am proud of is the development of relationships that I have built over the years and have continued here at Bloodworth Law,” Christina said.

“I believe that a testament to this firm and myself and the relationships. Because when I have created estate plans for people and when the family calls me back to help them with the probate or trust administration, I feel very honored to help them because we have built that trust.”

Christina’s Recognition and Honors

Attorney Christina M. Miner has been a Guardian ad Litem since 2013. She was named Attorney ad Litem, and Attorney ad Litem for Children with Disabilities from 2013 through 2017. In  2016, Christina was recognized by The Florida Supreme Court for Exceptional Pro Bono Service.

Originally from Tallahassee, Florida, Christina earned a Juris Doctor from Florida A&M University College of Law. Christina earned a Bachelor of Science, and then, a Master of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida. Christina also attended Valencia Community College Law Enforcement Academy.

Planning a Will, Establishing A Trust

If you’re a Florida resident with a trust or probate dispute or need help in planning a will or establishing a trust, find out how the Bloodworth Law Estate Planning Team or the Trust or Probate Litigation team can help you, your family, or your business.

About Bloodworth Law

Attorney L. Reed Bloodworth is the Founder and CEO of Bloodworth Law, a 2022 U.S. News and World Report Best Law firm with offices in Orlando, Florida, and in Winter Haven, Florida.

Reed built the law firm with experienced and trusted attorneys committed to fighting for clients on compelling legal cases across the state. Reed and the Bloodworth Law team represent clients in:

  • Trust Litigation
  • Probate Litigation
  • Business Litigation
  • Employment Litigation
  • Estate Planning
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