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Meet Bloodworth Law Partner and Attorney J. Kemp Brinson

Meet Bloodworth Law Partner and Attorney J. Kemp Brinson

Attorney J. Kemp Brinson is a partner at Bloodworth Law. Kemp represents plaintiffs and defendants in several practice areas:

  • Trust litigation including lack of capacity, undue influence, and tortious interference
  • Probate litigation including lack of capacity, duress, and tortious interference
  • Business litigation including breach of contract, shareholder and partnership disputes, and business torts
  • Employment litigation for employers and employees on issues including discrimination, harassment, hourly wage disputes and violations, management contracts

Kemp Handles Employment Litigation

“I head up the firm’s employment law practice,” said Kemp who has handled trust litigation, probate litigation, business litigation, and employment law cases for the firm since August 2018. “Employment law is not like anything else. On one hand, it’s extremely complicated, very technical. You have to be a good tactician.”

It’s Not Easy

“On the other hand, we’re dealing with issues that are intensely personal and intensely emotional, like sexual harassment or accusations of racism,” Kemp said. “You have to be both a left-brain person and a right-brain person, able to execute both in the courtroom on extremely technical matters, but also manage some of the emotions in the room. It’s not easy.”

Kemp Was Going to Be An Electrical Engineer

“Originally I was on a path to become an electrical engineer,” Kemp said. “I really liked designing complicated things and solving highly technical problems.

“As an attorney, I still get to do that, but I also get to help people solve problems that actually affect their lives in a very direct and meaningful way. I really like doing that.”

Kemp Only Takes Cases That He Personally Cares About

“My client philosophy is I don’t take on a case that I don’t personally care about,” Kemp said. “Clients come to us in situations that are quite often literally the worst thing that they have ever experienced in their entire life. I think every client deserves an attorney who cares enough to see them through the entire problem.”

Difficult Disability Pension Benefit Case

“A few years ago I spent about four or five years litigating a very tough case involving a police officer who was denied her disability pension benefits,” Kemp said.

“She’d been disabled in the line of duty and they fought us every step of the way to try to get her the compensation that she was entitled to, that she had earned.

“After we won that case and won handily, not only did she get the financial resources, but she also got the peace of mind of being able at that point to afford the care that she needed to deal with her disability. That was very rewarding.”

Professional Honors and Accomplishments

“One of my greatest professional accomplishments to date is having been honored to receive the Florida Bar Pro Bono Service award for the 10th judicial circuit, given in recognition of work that I did helping foster children,” Kemp said.

Kemp has been admitted to the U.S. District Court — Middle District of Florida, and, the U.S. District Court — Southern District of Florida.

Kemp was appointed Special Magistrate for the City of Haines City, Florida, in 2021.

Kemp is a 2019-22 Super Lawyer for his work in employment litigation. He served as Guardian Ad Litem from 2005-13, and, was Guardian Ad Litem, Tenth Circuit, Guardian of the Year in 2011.

Education and Degrees

Kemp earned a Juris Doctor from the George Washington University Law School. Kemp received a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering magna cum laude from North Carolina State University.

Bloodworth Law a 2022 U.S. News and World Report Best Law Firm

Attorney L. Reed Bloodworth is Founder and CEO of Bloodworth Law, a 2022 U.S. News and World Report Best Law firm with offices in Orlando, Florida, and in Winter Haven, Florida.

When an argument between parties becomes a Florida legal dispute, it may be time for an attorney to address it. Talk with Reed, Kemp and the Bloodworth Law Employment Litigation Team about how the Bloodworth Law can help you, or your business.

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