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Meet the Bloodworth Law Team

bloodworth-law-best-orlando-law-firmReed Bloodworth is managing partner of Bloodworth Law and would like you to Meet the Bloodworth Law Team in Orlando, Florida. Now, you’ll know who you’re working with when you bring your legal problems to Bloodworth Law to resolve.

Meet the Bloodworth Law Team

Reed built Bloodworth Law to take care of clients’ needs first. This means that when your call or e-mail comes in, your legal problems are listened to and managed carefully. Reed always keeps you informed about the details of your case.

Case Taken Care of Personally

Your case is taken care of personally and handled by the lawyers you see here. You’ll know what’s going on in your case because you’re the first call Reed makes when there’s an update.

In order to ensure clients receive the best possible representation and financial outcome, the team meets and discusses your case. A fresh angle and a different perspective make sure you’re getting the best possible representation.

We Travel the I-4 Corridor

At Bloodworth Law, we travel the I-4 corridor to counties and cities across Florida from Pensacola to Miami and Daytona to Tampa.

We provide:

  • Employment law representation
  • Trust litigation services
  • Probate litigation services
  • Business litigation services

Reed Bloodworth is managing partner of Bloodworth Law. Give Reed a call and talk about what happened to you.