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Mesheola Mitchell, Legal Assistant

Mesheola Mitchell

Legal Assistant


Mesheola “Meshe” Mitchell is a legal assistant at Bloodworth Law responsible for supporting Personal Injury Protection litigation for partners Alyson M. Laderman and Michael J. LaPorte. She joined the team in January 2020.

Meshe worked for many years with Orlando Health before deciding to attend school at Seminole State. She began working for law firms remotely while taking classes.

She worked as an attorney liaison, dealing with multiple attorneys all day, settling and negotiating bills. When an attorney in Orlando asked if she would work full time, she accepted the position, as she was very interested in learning about Personal Injury Protection litigation. She particularly enjoyed making clients happy.

Meshe learned the PIP litigation process from beginning to end and was intrigued in how it worked. How accident rates differ by area. How patients were treated by doctors, and then how doctors billed for their services. She was interested in how the cycle progressed.

“I learned about how you take a case in, about deciding how to resolve problems in cases, I learned to write demands. I enjoy gathering the information on what and who was involved in an accident,” Meshe said.

“And then, in the end, when you settle a case that just didn’t seem that it could ever be settled, it’s very rewarding. You get to help a person who was injured. You help get them a settlement amount that they can live with. It is very rewarding.”

  • Bloodworth Law, PLLC, Orlando, Florida, January 2020-Present
  • Akumin, Orlando, Florida, 2015-19
  • Unique Administrative Solutions, Orlando, Florida, 2011-15
  • Orlando Health, Orlando, Florida, 2005-11
  • Seminole State College of Florida, Business Administration, Management & Operations, 2022

Meshe volunteers with the Orlando Covenant House preparing and serving dinner to residents which includes teenagers. She also enjoys working as a volunteer with young people as a primary supervisor for the Vivian B. James Star Lights Youth Council. Meshe is the events and activities chairperson for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life where she has volunteered in several roles since 2008.

With everything I do I try to give 110% of myself. And, while at work, I work 110%. When I’m at home, I don’t work. I give my children or my family or whatever I’m working on 110% of myself. And then in my community I do the same thing. I strive to better the world around me in any way I can. Whether that’s feeding the homeless, feeding homeless teens or mentoring. My hands are in anything I can help out with.

I think that because the work environment here is so pleasant, that the clients are getting the best of everybody.

I can give Bloodworth Law clients the best of me because I’m focused. I am attentive. I can give them the best work product because I’m happy about working here with everyone.

Volunteering is what I do for fun, I volunteer. I do community service. It is the thing that I am most passionate about. Because growing up there were people that helped us when we didn’t have certain things. But sometimes it wasn’t enough. So, I try to expose my community and those around me to things that we wouldn’t normally be exposed to. We can’t close our eyes to what’s happening to others in need.