Orlando Business Lawyer Travels to Florida Clients Hi I’m Reed Bloodworth the founding partner Bloodworth Law PLLC located at 224 East Marks Street Orlando Florida 32803.

What’s Different About My Firm?

Since 2004 I’ve found that it’s rare to be an Orlando business lawyer travels to Florida clients. I’m a business litigation attorney and trust and estate litigation attorney. At the beginning of this year I left one of Florida’s largest law firms and started my own firm to start my own firm.

At my firm I decided to represent plaintiffs defendants families individuals and businesses. I wanted to offer clients many payment options so that they may begin cases right away without the stress of a paying a large retainer upfront. I also am committed to traveling throughout the state of Florida.

I’ll travel from Tampa to Daytona from Pensacola to Miami. I will go throughout the I-4 corridor, from east to west, north to south. The reason I’ll do this is that sometimes the most interesting cases fall outside of central Florida.

Orlando Business Lawyer Travels to Florida Clients

I like to travel and I’ll make sure I’m available to you throughout your case. We can communicate by Skype by Facebook or face to face whatever your preference. You may contact me Reed Bloodworth, the founding partner of Bloodworth Law PLLC, at Reed@LawyerFightsForYou.com

I’m located at 224 East Marks Street Orlando Florida. Give me a call. Let’s talk about what happened to you. The first step that any client I work with will take with me is a meeting in person. We’ll discuss the details of your legal situation and see if what I do and my suggestions match what your goals are. If we agree to move forward, we can talk about next steps and plans for resolving the problems you’re having.

I like to help clients begin their cases immediately and I can do that by providing payment options including:

  • Contingency Fees
  • Flat Fees
  • Hourly Fees
  • Project Fees

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