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Robert Kovacevic, Paralegal

Robert Kovacevic


Robert is a registered paralegal with Bloodworth Law, PLLC, in Orlando, Florida. Robert works primarily on commercial litigation, trust litigation, and employment litigation for attorneys Reed Bloodworth and Kemp Brinson by supporting their work for clients.

Robert’s paralegal experience began in early 2015 working in family law, criminal defense, foreclosure defense, and civil litigation.

Robert has been a Florida resident for approximately 20 years. He was born in a small city called Tuzla, situated in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Robert explains that his blood lineage is Croatian which is where his father’s family is from.

“We were actually refugees,” Robert said. “We were displaced as a result of the Yugoslav Wars that occurred in the late ‘80s.”

“In 1992, we packed our bags and moved to Germany. My parents weren’t able to get visas to remain there, so we were lucky enough to qualify for settlement in the United States as part of a refugee program through a church.”

“We started off living in Louisiana in an impoverished area for a while. My parents got their bearings, and eventually they finished their schooling and came into some good work. We moved to Central Florida when I was eight or nine.

“The legal field was what saved my family,” Robert said. “It’s because of the intricacies of governing bodies and law that we were able to find ourselves here in a much better situation than we were in overseas.

“I was always an avid reader in school. I always argued a lot too–if you ask my mother–and the legal field became my niche.

“I graduated from the University of Central Florida in December 2014 and began working at a law firm in February. In 2020, I qualified for certification as a Florida registered paralegal.

“I think what I enjoy the most about the law is that you’re constantly learning something new because the law never quite stays the same. It’s always changing.

“It’s a living, breathing organism, and you’re like a scientist in some regard, in the fact that you’re constantly studying it and watching it evolve.

“Then you take that and you apply it to people’s lives,” Robert said. “It’s interesting to see the unique circumstances that bring people to Bloodworth Law because no two cases are alike.”

  • University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Philosophy, 2014
  • Bloodworth Law, PLLC, Orlando, Florida, July 2021-Present
  • InFocus Family Law Firm, P.L, Maitland, Florida, 2019-July 2021
  • The Law Office of Pamela J. Helton, P.A., Clermont, Florida, 2019
  • Arwani Law Firm, PLLC, Orlando, Florida, 2016-19
  • Kaufman, Englett and Lynd, PLLC, Orlando, Florida, 2015-16
  • Florida Registered Paralegal, 2020-Present

I really bring a personal feel to what can sometimes be seen as a cold industry. I like to make people feel warm. I like to make people feel welcome, and I like to get to know different people. I think that’s why the law stood out to me.

I think what mattered to me the most is the lengths attorneys are willing to go to help those less fortunate than them. There are big differences that are made in people’s lives through the legal process because it can be a tough one, and not only tough but long.

I think at the end of the day, seeing the impact that your overall work has made on someone feels good.

I enjoy weightlifting and exercising.  Anything that gets me active or tests me in some physical regard. I also enjoy traveling having done quite a bit of it.

My other passions include reading and cinema; primarily anything, true crime, mystery, or horror. My favorite authors include Cormac McCarthy, Truman Capote, and Stephen King just to name a few.

As for cinema, I enjoy the works of Lars Von Trier, Ingmar Berman, and Park Chan Wook.