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What is PIP Litigation

What is PIP Litigation

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Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Litigation is any legal action taken by a medical provider to try to be repaid by an insurance company for medical care that was provided to a person who was in a vehicular accident.

Generally, accident victims go to emergency care facilities, chiropractors, MRI centers, hospitals, all kinds of medical facilities for help after an accident.

What often happens is that medical providers can’t get the insurance money from the insurance companies. Cases pile up and after several years, some medical providers just give up despite holding onto hundreds or even thousands of cases.

PIP insurance is a no-fault insurance that Florida drivers are required to buy and carry with a $10,000 minimum coverage. PIP insurance covers an accident no matter which driver caused the crash.

Personal injury protection (PIP) is the insurance that Florida drivers must buy.

PIP is a no-fault insurance required by Florida Statute.

The minimum coverage for PIP is $10,000. A driver involved in a car accident will be covered by PIP insurance no matter who caused the crash.

PIP also covers 60 percent of lost wages resulting from a disability caused by an accident. PIP is also responsible for $5,000 in death benefits to cover funeral fees. Patients of a medical practitioner (such as a chiropractor, an MRI provider, orthopedic surgeon, dentists, doctors of all kinds, assign their rights to the treating medical providers in the form of what’s known as an assignment of benefits.

As a patient, the assignment of benefits, also known as an AOB, provides the required standing for medical providers to initiate a lawsuit against the insurance company on your behalf.

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Personal Injury Protection Litigation
PIP Clients We Represent

Recent Clients Recoveries

  • $510,000 in a business dispute
  • $250,000 in a trust dispute
  • $417,000 in a business dispute
  • $385,000 in a trust dispute
  • $750,000 in a trust dispute
  • $723,000 in a business dispute
  • $435,000 in a probate litigation

Multiple legal fee payment options

Contingency Fee

Clients pay attorney fees after a case is completed and when it pays out. 

Contingency fee means that the client pays legal fees when the lawyer and case brings in money from the legal actions taken. Reed immediately begins work on the case to pursue a legal action that will yield financial results. Clients meanwhile are not billed, have to write a check, or pay by credit card to get a case moving. Every case is reviewed and there is no guarantee that it will qualify or be accepted as a contingency fee case but you should find out through talking with Reed.

Contingency fee cases are available for business litigation, trust litigation, estate litigation, and PIP litigation cases.

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Hourly Fee

Clients pay an hourly rate for a case.

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Hybrid Fee

Clients pay a combination of an hourly rate and a contingency fee for a case.

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Flat Fee

Clients pay attorney fees for a project fee where an amount is set based on the work expected for a case.

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