Slip & Fall

What is a Slip & Fall?

orlando-slip-fall-lawyer-reed-bloodworthA slip & fall is fairly self explanatory said Orlando Florida personal injury lawyer L. Reed Bloodworth. You slip on a foreign substance on a floor and fall and injure yourself.

These types of accidents occur most often in supermarkets, department stores, your Walmarts, Kmarts and various other places. Gas stations and restaurants are fairly common too.

It’s a situation where the business has something spilled on the floor. Say for example laundry detergent in the supermarket and they do not clean that up in a timely fashion.

You step on that laundry detergent and you slip, your feet fly out from under you, you fall down and the first thing to hit the floor is the back of your head. You can suffer many types of injuries from this.

I’ve seen people knocked unconscious, split their head open. Get concussions, break arms, break other bones in their body. You can suffer some pretty serious injuries in a slip and fall situation.

Slip & Fall on Public or Private Property?

Yes a slip & fall can occur on public or private property but they are going to be different.Orlando Florida slip & fall lawyer L Reed Bloodworth

Typically something that might get categorized as a slip & fall is like a sidewalk for example or planters built into sidewalks. Often times a city when they remove a tree do not properly mark the hole that is left.

And I’ve had clients that have stepped in and broken ankles, twisted ankles, they’ve gone through a lot of bad things because the city doesn’t properly mark that.

When something of that nature occurs and you have a hole in a sidewalk, that should be marked. And particularly at night time, that’s when people can seriously hurt themselves.

What if you fall at a friend’s home or slip on their front steps, on a back porch or slipping down stairs in a home? First of all, you’ll have to take care of yourself. Make sure that if you need an ambulance that you call 911 before trying to get up so that if you seriously injured yourself, that you’re moved only by a professional.

Slip and Fall at a Friend’s or Neighbor’s Home?

Here, is what’s difficult for many people to understand…that you’ll need to take pictures in the location where you were hurt, when you were hurt. While your friend, family, co-worker or neighbor may be a close person to you, you have to take pictures of the incident from where you’re lying.

florida-slip-and-fall-lawyer-reed-bloodworthTake pictures of the stairwell, the porch, the backyard, the basement, wherever you fell or slipped and were injured. It’s uncomfortable, but if you’re seriously injured you may be in a predicament over how to handle the slip & fall. Better to be safe and maybe ruffle some feathers than to be sorry and have no evidence of what occurred.

What if you’re playing in a public place and slip and fall where there’s no signage warning you of the possible danger of a slip & fall? Are you liable for jumping in a public fountain if the fountain has no signs warning you to stay you?

What would you do if your son, daughter or a family member fell or was hurt slipping and falling at a public or a private pool? Who do you call? Should a lifeguard be allowed to help you to safety or should you stay put and wait for an ambulance to help you?

There are so many instances where you’ll have questions about a fall and it’s best to talk with a slip and fall lawyer who is local and near you, or at least within the same state. If you live in Nevada, but are visiting Florida and have a slip and fall accident at a Florida location, you’ll want a Florida slip and fall attorney.

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