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What Is Personal Injury Protection Litigation?

What is Personal Injury Protection Litigation?

Personal Injury Protection Litigation is legal action taken by a medical provider in an attempt to be repaid by an insurance company for medical care supplied to a person who was in a vehicle accident.

A Personal Injury Protection lawsuit involves suing an insurance company — on behalf of medical providers — to get paid for the bills patients have incurred after they’re hurt in a vehicle accident. Sometimes insurance companies breach contractual duties to medical providers owed under a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance policy.

PIP insurance is mandated in Florida automobile insurance laws requiring vehicle owners to have at least $10,000 in personal injury protection coverage.

PIP coverage provides compensation to drivers in an accident regardless of who was at fault in causing a collision. 

What Is PIP Insurance?

What is PIP Insurance? PIP insurance is a no-fault insurance that Florida drivers are required to buy and carry with a $10,000 minimum coverage. PIP insurance covers an accident no matter which driver caused the crash. PIP insurance covers 60 percent of lost wages resulting from a disability caused by an accident. PIP also provides $5,000 in death benefits to cover funeral fees.

Bloodworth Law Handles Personal Injury Protection Litigation 

Attorney L. Reed Bloodworth is Founder and CEO of Bloodworth Law. Bloodworth law handles Personal Injury Protection Litigation and represents clients who are individual patients or medical providers who were not paid by insurance companies for medical bills incurred after a vehicle accident.

Bloodworth Law attorney and Managing Partner Alyson M. Laderman and attorney and partner Michael J. LaPorte represent Florida PIP Litigation plaintiffs in cases.

Who Can File a PIP Lawsuit?

A PIP lawsuit could be filed by any medical provider that supplied treatment to a person related to vehicle accident injuries, but who was not paid by the insurance company.

PIP litigation clients are medical service providers including orthopedic physicians, MRI companies, hospitals, general practitioners, dentists, chiropractors, and other medical service providers of all sizes.

Thousands of PIP Cases Can Pile Up

What often happens is that medical providers can’t get the insurance money from the insurance companies. Cases pile up and after several years, some medical providers just give up despite holding onto hundreds or even thousands of cases.

How PIP Law Works to Pay Medical Providers

Patients of a medical practitioner, like a chiropractor, emergency care center, an MRI provider, orthopedic surgeon, dentists, and doctors of all kinds, assign their rights to the treating medical providers in the form of what’s known as an assignment of benefits, or AOB. The AOB can provide the required standing for medical providers to initiate a lawsuit against the insurance company.

This is where Bloodworth Law may be able to help a medical provider who decides to continue to pursue the funds owed by an insurance company.

Decades of Experience in PIP Litigation

Michael and Alyson each have decades of experience in PIP litigation pursuing insurance companies for failure to properly pay no-fault PIP benefits to medical providers and have recovered millions of dollars for clients.

Every client has a different set of needs and a range of cases in those files. Alyson, Michael, and the Bloodworth Law PIP team get to work only after answering questions and clarifying options.

If there’s a legal issue that you as a medical provider need to address, find out how the Bloodworth Law team can help you or your business. Bloodworth law has an office at 801 N. Magnolia Avenue in Orlando, Florida, and a second office located in Winter Haven, Florida. 

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