What is business litigation reed bloodworth orlando floridaOrlando Florida trust and estate litigation attorney Reed Bloodworth is representing clients in a case that has made Florida news. Attorney Reed Bloodworth pursues lawyer accused of stealing clients’ assets and using funds to gamble, travel and dine.

ABC station WFTS-TV in Tampa, Florida, interviewed Reed for the story about the case involving a lawyer accused of taking money from a couple who allege a now disbarred Florida attorney of taking advantage of them.

Bloodworth Pursues Lawyer Accused of Stealing Clients’ Assets

“It’s a really horrible situation for my clients,” attorney Reed Bloodworth said of the case. “The lawyer is accused of taking clients’ assets and using the money for a gambling addiction, travel and dining among other things.

Lawyer Hit Tampa Clients & Casinos

Tampa is home to the Hard Rock Café Casino and Resort where there is a casino and restaurants. The lawyer is accused of stealing the clients’ assets and going on trips, gambling and dining sprees where he is alleged to have taken most of the clients’ assets.

“There’s a (Florida) Bar fund that we’re going to try to apply in order to help the clients, but this was a clients’ life. I’ll do everything I can to bring the clients justice.”

The trust holds a person’s assets that can include money, real estate, property and investments where it is managed sometimes by a third party whether a corporation, group or an individual.

Reed Asks You to Check Your Lawyer’s Credentials

The key with any legal case is in working solely with people and businesses and attorneys you trust and who you should vet very carefully before turning over your case, your finances and investments.

Research the attorney you want to hire. Check with the Florida Bar about a lawyer’s standing. Read several sources for online reviews. Read the attorney’s website and watch several videos. Lookup the attorney’s law firm, even check with former employers and ask for references from the attorney before signing a contract with them. It’s imperative to know who it is that you’re working with.

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