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How Will Your Business Handle Employee Disputes?

How Will Your Business Handle Employee Disputes?

How will your business handle employee disputes?

Attorney Reed Bloodworth, Managing Partner of Bloodworth Law handles employment litigation cases for employers in manufacturing, aerospace, engineering, medical, technology, service, and other Florida industries.

Essential to employers is the creation of supportive work environments that encourage employees to remain with a business long term.

Employee Retention in 2022

Employee retention will be key to business success in the New Year. A consultation with the Bloodworth Law Employment Team can walk your company through laws that will affect your employees and your business in 2022.

A carefully constructed employee handbook clearly outlines:

  • Employee benefits
  • Company rules
  • Performance reviews
  • Wages
  • Employee protections
  • Employment laws, and much more.

HR Cannot Answer Legal Questions

You can run a successful business managed by HR staff who try to do the right thing. HR, however, cannot answer legal questions that arise. Only a skilled employment litigator should address employment legal issues.

National and International Companies

Bloodworth Law in this way helps by consulting with nationally-, and internationally-owned companies that own businesses in Florida.

Employment laws differ greatly from state to state and by country.

Employment Law Services

Here are some of the services Bloodworth Law employment law clients are offered:

  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Hourly or Wage Violations
  • Help in Transferring Contractors to Employees
  • Harassment Policy
  • Non-Solicitation Clauses
  • Discrimination Policy
  • Draft & Revise Employee Handbooks
  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Draft & Revise Independent Contractor Manuals
  • Under Management Employee Contracts
  • Employment Agreements

Hiring and retaining talented, valued employees has become an unexpected challenge for Florida employers. Investing in employees is a commitment that businesses will have to make to succeed.

2022 Employee Handbook & Procedures Review

Before your business enters 2022, contact Bloodworth Law for an employee handbook and procedures review. Talk with Reed about how the Bloodworth Law Employment Team can help you and your business.

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