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What is a Florida Summons and Complaint?

Florida attorney L. Reed is a 2019 to 2021 U.S. News & World Report Best Lawyer in Commercial Litigation.

Reed is the managing partner of Bloodworth Law, a 2020 to 2021 U.S. News & World Report Best Law Firm located in Orlando and Winter Haven.

Bloodworth Law handles trust, business, probate, and employment litigation for clients across the state who call when they’ve been served with a summons and complaint.

What is a Florida Summons and Complaint?

What is a Florida summons and complaint? A summons is an official written notice of a lawsuit that is served to the person or entity being sued.

A summons is served on all involved parties and includes the date of the first court appearance for the lawsuit and a summons informs you that you must respond to the lawsuit.

What is a Complaint?

A complaint (or petition) is a formal legal document that establishes the basis and the reason for the initiation of a lawsuit. A complaint:

#1. lists the plaintiff’s view of the facts

#2. the legal reasons why the plaintiff believes they have been harmed by the defendant, and,

#3. the plaintiff’s demands for a defendant to make good on what is allegedly wrong.

Must Answer Complaint Within Timeframe

You must file an answer to the complaint within the specified timeframe stated in the summons if you want to defend yourself and participate in court proceedings.

However, it’s imperative that you consult with an experienced litigation attorney to handle the complaint.

Cases Begin With Filing a Complaint

Federal civil cases begin with the filing of a complaint. The plaintiff or plaintiffs claim is that the defendant or defendants failed to carry out a legal duty. Therefore, a skilled attorney should provide the complaint to accurately reflect the legal argument presented.

For example, the complaint may be that the duty of a trustee is to comply with legal requests from beneficiaries to review the accounting on a trust.

If you’re the trustee, you should have your trust litigation attorney reply to the complaint.

Financial Loss or Injury? Plaintiff Asks for Money

A plaintiff asks the court to order the defendant to pay for the harm suffered if a plaintiff claims to have suffered a financial loss or personal injury because of the defendant’s actions.

Attorneys Should Draft Complaints

Complaints are pleadings and must be drafted by an experienced litigation attorney to properly state facts and the legal basis for the claim.

Why Work With an Attorney?

Work with an attorney at Bloodworth Law to prepare a response to the complaint to:

  1. Protect your rights
  2. Explain your defenses, and,
  3. Assert claims you may have against the plaintiff

Served With Summons & Complaint?

Don’t wait to act if you are served with a summons and complaint. You must respond within the time stated. If you don’t, you forever waive your defenses and may have a judgment entered against you. This can happen even when a plaintiff incorrectly states what happened.

If you’ve been served with a summons and complaint in Florida and want to know what you should do, talk with attorney Reed Bloodworth about what Bloodworth Law can do to help you, your family, or your business.

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