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Common Defenses for Breach of Contract

Hi. I’m Reed Bloodworth an Orlando Florida attorney and addressing common defenses for breach of contract. I’ve been practicing commercial litigation business litigation and estate and trust litigation since 2004.

Common Defenses for Breach of Contract

Some common defenses for breach of contract:

  • Was the contract illegal?
  • Was the contract induced by fraud?
  • Was there a mistake?
  • Was it a verbal contract or a written contract?

Was there a mistake between the parties when they were negotiating this contract? I mentioned earlier regarding was it a verbal contract or a written contract?

That’s important because some contracts under the law are required to be in writing. There are a number of defenses to a breach of contract action. You need to speak to a qualified knowledgeable attorney about these things.

Attorney reed bloodworth breach of contractContact an Attorney

So you’ve been accused of breaching contract so you’re pondering what do I do now? Well there are a number of things that should happen. I think most importantly you should contact an attorney.

Ultimately, you want to resolve the legal issue so try to be rational, be calm and don’t do or say anything that you’ll regret or that may cause problems.

What Kind of Contract?

The attorney’s going to advise you regarding a number of things. One what type of contract was it? Was it verbal? Was it written? These have different requirements have different statute of limitations.

The important thing is that an attorney can advise you, give insight and legal direction that could more quickly resolve the problem. You don’t know the law and shouldn’t try to Google answers to what can be a very complex problem.

Main Issues

They’re also going to ask:

  • What was the basis of the contract?
  • What breach was alleged?
  • Do you believe you have any valid defenses?

They’re going to want to know why you’ve been alleged of breaching a contract. You may believe you’re justified in that and the facts may prove that but you need to speak to an attorney to determine these matters.

So again my name’s Reed Bloodworth an Orlando Florida attorney. Give me a call. Let’s discuss what happened to you.

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