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What Can You Do If You’re Not Happy With a Will?

Attorney L. Reed Bloodworth is the managing partner of Bloodworth Law with offices in Orlando, Florida, and Winter Haven, Florida.

Bloodworth Law handles estate litigation which includes legal disputes over wills and estates.

Not Happy With a Will?

So, what can you do if you’re not happy with a will?

Estate disputes typically begin after a beneficiary receives less than expected – or nothing — from a will or an estate.

Next, infighting among relatives erupts with accusations and arguments. Then, strained family relationships become explosive when a will is contested through formal estate litigation.

Litigation begins legal actions between parties who usually take financial stances against each other.

Bloodworth Law Reviews Pros and Cons

Before proceeding with an estate dispute, Bloodworth Law thoroughly reviews the legal pros and cons and determines the best options for clients.

Estate litigation is costly, and Bloodworth law offers different payment options allowing plaintiff and defendant clients to proceed with legal actions.

Emotional Turmoil in Disputes

It’s important to understand there is emotional turmoil in any legal dispute. While many cases can be settled out of court, you have to prepare for the fact that you may face your family in a courtroom.

Bloodworth Law will prepare you for what a day in court looks like, including best-case and worst-case scenarios through every step of the legal process. But you’ll have to consider that family issues and secrets may arise publicly.

Why Are You Objecting?

Consider why are you objecting to the will. Why do you think it’s invalid or should be disputed? Did your parent or loved one have dementia when a will was executed? Or, do you believe someone took advantage or unduly influenced a family member?

Get answers to the questions involved in fighting family over a will or an estate. Talk with an experienced estate litigation attorney to decide your next steps.

Attorney L. Reed Bloodworth is the managing partner of Bloodworth Law. If you’re not happy with a will, you may considering a legal dispute that could end up in court. Talk to Reed about how Bloodworth Law can help you, your family, or your business.

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