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What Makes a Will Legal in Florida?

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What Makes a Will Legal in Florida?

Is your will legal? Let’s discuss what makes a will legal in Florida. 

A will distributes a person’s assets in the way that they want, to the people they want to give things to, and in the manner in which they want to distribute those things. 

A will can nominate guardians if there are minor children so the parents do not have to worry about what will happen to their children after they pass. 

If there is no will, but there is even one asset, the state of Florida has to step in to create a will for you. This is called the intestate statute. 

What is the Intestate Statute?

The intestate statute provides a breakdown similar to a flow chart of who gets what, instead of you deciding who receives what.

You may have a child you don’t want to receive any inheritance because they have substance abuse issues, or you may be estranged from a child. 

If you do not have a will, and you have children, and you don’t have a spouse, then your assets will go to your children.

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