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Will Your Employee Policy Protect Your Business

The current environment in every business today should be welcoming and inclusive while providing a comfortable setting for everyone in the workplace. Will your employee policy protect your business?

I’m attorney Reed Bloodworth, the managing partner of Bloodworth Law in Orlando. Now would be a good time to make sure your company knows proper policies, adheres to employment laws to prevent problems, and to welcome the best employees.

Will Your Employee Policy Protect Your Business

will-your-employee-policy-protect-your-business-employment-attorney-floridaSounds like a day of office meetings to learn about what you should and shouldn’t do, right? But will your employee policy protect your business.

Well, yes. But it’s beneficial to know that the people working for or with you are providing a respectful work place where everyone can perform at their peak.

Bloodworth Law can provide an employment law consultation to Florida employers about policies and procedures, employee handbooks, employment agreements, and employee issues.

By doing so, Bloodworth Law helps internationally-owned companies doing business in Florida. If you own a business in the U.S., employment law here may differ greatly from practices in other countries.

Employers can get answers to questions about terminations, hourly and minimum wage issues, employment agreements, and business transactions involving employees.

You may have a human resources department or staff, but unless you have a Florida employment lawyer on the team, you’ll need to consult with an employment law firm.

Review Employment Practices and Procedures

You should review practices and set employment procedures that adhere to Florida law.

Bloodworth Law can help by:

—Writing employment policies

—Creating custom human resources handbooks

—Drafting employment contracts

—Drafting non-compete agreements

— Providing Support during investigations and inquiries

How Bloodworth Law Can Help

Bloodworth Law works with businesses of all sizes to develop employment law policies to avoid liability in:

—Hourly and wage disputes

—Employee contracts

—Harassment and discrimination

— Non-compete agreements

At Bloodworth Law, we know both sides of employment law.  This is valuable when it comes to settling a case, filing a lawsuit, or establishing best practices to protect your business.

Again, I’m attorney Reed Bloodworth, managing partner of Bloodworth Law. Give me a call, Let’s talk about how Bloodworth Law can help you and your business.

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