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What Are the Differences in Civil and Commercial Litigation?

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What Are the Differences in Civil and Commercial Litigation?

The topic for discussion today is what are the differences in civil and commercial litigation?

What is Commercial Litigation?

First, what is commercial litigation?

Commercial litigation involves legal disputes between business entities. Many commercial litigation cases are filed federally rather than in state court.

An example of commercial litigation would be a partnership or an LLC dispute between business owners.

What is Civil Litigation?

So what is civil litigation?

Civil litigation is any legal dispute between people where criminal charges are not involved.

An example of civil litigation would be a land use dispute between two homeowners.

Differences in Civil and Commercial Law

Some of the basic differences in civil and commercial litigation include:

  • When businesses are involved in commercial litigation, the issues are usually more complex and specific than in civil litigation.
  • Commercial litigation cases can be more costly because of an extensive and complex discovery process that can involve forensic experts and research.
  • Commercial litigation cases often involve state and or federal courts.

Similarities in Civil and Commercial Law

There are some similarities in commercial litigation and civil litigation proceedings including:

  • Plaintiffs and defendants retain an attorney.
  • Both sides conduct factual investigations.
  • Attorneys research applicable law and engage in settlement negotiations.
  • The plaintiff’s attorney files the lawsuit.
  • Both sides conduct discovery and participate in motion practice.
  • They can go before a judge or jury to try the case, or the cases can be settled out of court.
  • They file motions post-trial, and whatever else may be required depending on the specific case. 

If you have a commercial litigation case or a civil litigation dispute, you can talk to Reed about how the highly skilled and experienced Bloodworth Law team can help you, your family or your business.

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