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What is Civil Litigation?

Attorney L. Reed Bloodworth is the managing partner of Bloodworth Law located in Orlando, Florida, with offices in Winter Haven, Florida.

Reed is a 2019 to 2021 U.S. News & World Report Best Lawyer in commercial litigation; and a 2021 Best Lawyer in trusts & estates litigation.

What is Civil Litigation?

Reed answers the question: What is civil litigation? Civil litigation is a legal dispute where a party has committed an offense that is not a criminal misdeed, but a civil wrong. Civil means relating to citizens and their concerns, as distinct from criminal.

Civil litigation is legal action taken to resolve disputes between individuals where criminal charges are not involved.

Relationships Between People

Any time there are two or more parties involved in a legal dispute, it’s considered to be civil litigation when one side is said to have committed a wrong, but not a crime. Civil issues deal with the relationships between people.

In civil litigation, the suing party — the plaintiff — is seeking to be compensated by either money damages, or for a specific action – or what’s known as specific performance – by a defendant.

Civil litigation cases Bloodworth Law handles include:

Trials Are Not Inevitable

Not all civil disputes go to trial. A majority of cases are settled out of court due to the diligent work of litigation attorneys to resolve the issues before a costly trial is required.

Sometimes, emotionally, the idea of a long, painful trial may be satisfying to pursue if one party wants to inflict discomfort on a person or party believed to have caused wrong intentionally.

Trials Are Costly, Lengthy

Trials, however, are costly and can last a long time. Trials are not necessary to receive desired financial or legal outcomes when handled by the right civil litigators.

Attorney L. Reed Bloodworth knows what judges and juries can do in a court, and knows when to proceed with a trial. But Reed also knows through experience, when to resolve disputes out of court.

The Bloodworth Law team works on behalf of all clients to achieve appropriate resolution to legal problems. This may include mediation, out-of-court settlements, or, sometimes, going to trial.

If you have a civil dispute, talk with Reed to find out how Bloodworth Law can help you, your family, or your business.

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