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Prepare for a Trial

reed-bloodworth-florida-litigation-attorneyHi. My name’s Reed Bloodworth a personal injury litigation, business litigation and trust and estate litigation attorney in Orlando Florida. Today I wanted to talk to you about how to prepare for a trial before you go into a courtroom.

Prepare for a Trial

There is a process that I use on clients to prepare for a trial prior to going to court for a lawsuit. You as a client would be in a courtroom for the first time which can be stressful. To prevent any confusion and help calm your nerves, I work with you to prepare you for a trial. It’s important you are ready when we go into a courtroom for your trial so that you’re comfortable and know what can happen.

This is a typical courtroom and in this picture above behind me is where the judge sits. We have defense council’s table in front of me and we’ve got the plaintiff’s table in front of me. We’ve got the jury box to the side. And of course the witness will sit in the witness stand.

We’re Going to Be Ready

Before every trial I’m going to prepare you and we’re going to be ready the moment you walk into the courtroom. When you walk in to face the judge and jury you’ll be prepared because you will walk through the process with me and I’ll prepare you until you’re ready and sure of yourself for your case.

Before every trial Florida litigation attorney Reed Bloodworth works with clients to prepare for trial in a courtroom in Orlando. By going through your case you’ll feel comfortable when you actually walk into a courtroom. You’ll be prepared because you will come here and I’ll walk you through and ask questions and talk with you about whatever your worries are regarding your case.

With proper preparation nothing that happens in court will be a complete surprise to you. I’ll work with you until you’re relaxed and ready. Not every law firm will walk you into an actual courtroom. I’ll do this because I’m a trial lawyer and I’m going to do everything possible to prepare for a trial.

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