I’m Reed Bloodworth, Florida Business Lawyer Reed Bloodworth and the founding partner of Bloodworth Law PLLC. I’ve been practicing law in Florida since 2004. My practice areas include business litigation and trust and estate litigation. Today I’m going to discuss a few of the business litigation cases or types of cases that I see in my everyday practice.

Reed Bloodworth Florida Business Lawyer

Reed Bloodworth Business Lawyer Orange County CourthouseBusiness Torts

The first type of case I commonly see are business torts. Well what are business torts? Business torts are a class of civil causes of action that attorneys such as myself bring in business disputes. They include such things as fraud or fraud in the inducement, negligent misrepresentation, or tortious inference on an advantageous business relationship.

Shareholder Partnership Disputes

The next typical type of action I see are shareholder partnership disputes. These occur when owners of a business do not agree on how the business should be run or perhaps one of the owners stole money from the business. A variety of things could happen.

Often times the cause of action you bring in the situation is a breach of fiduciary duty. Many times I see breaches of fiduciary duty where the majority owner has done something wrong to the minority owner.

Breach of Contract

The final cause of action that I commonly deal with is a breach of contract. Well what’s a contract? A contract is a binding agreement between the parties that is legally enforceable. You can have a written contract or a verbal contract. The breach of that contract means that you have a valid enforceable contract one of the parties breach that contract and as a result the other party suffered some type of financial damage.

These are very common business litigation causes of action things that I deal with every day in my practice. Again my name is Reed Bloodworth the founding partner of Bloodworth Law PLLC located at 224 East Marks Street, Orlando, Florida. Give me a call. Let’s talk about what happened to you.

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