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Can I File a Lawsuit for This?

Hi, I’m Reed BloodworthBusiness Lawsuit Lawyer Reed Bloodworth Thornton Park, founding partner of Bloodworth Law, PLLC.

Can I File a Lawsuit for This?

I’m often asked by my clients can I file a lawsuit for this?

  • Can I file a trust dispute?
  • Can I file a lawsuit for a probate dispute?
  • Can I file a business lawsuit?

The answer to that questions is you can file a lawsuit for just about anything. However, that’s not the right question.

The right question is, “can I file a valid, successful lawsuit for one of these issues?”

That is a very different question and requires a very different answer.

We’re Going to Talk About the Facts of Your Case

When you call Bloodworth Law:

  1. We’re going to talk about your case.
  2. We’re going to talk about the facts of your case.
  3. We’re going to get your story–be it a trust dispute, an estate dispute, or a business dispute.
  4. We’re going to ask you to send us the documents pertaining to your case.

Business Dispute

If it’s a business dispute is there a contract involved? Is there some type of paper trail?

Trust Dispute

For a will or a trust dispute we’re going to want to see the estate planning documents. We’re going to want to see any correspondence pertaining to those documents.

We’re going to vet your case.

We’re Not Going to Take a Case We Don’t Believe In

It’s important for us to do that because at Bloodworth Law, we’re not going to take a case we don’t believe in. We’re going to take a case that we believe we will be successful in for you.

It’s not my job to just sign up cases that I don’t believe in, drag you into the courthouse, and bill you for hours. I don’t believe in it. It’s not what my firm does.

So the question to be answered here is, “can I file a successful lawsuit?”

We’re going to talk about that. We’re going to figure that out and we’ll meet and we will be able to come up with an honest answer for you.

So if you want an honest assessment of your potential lawsuit, give me a call. Let’s talk about what happened to you.

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