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What is Breach of Contract in Florida?

Hi, I’m Reed Bloodworth the managing partner at Bloodworth Law.

What is Breach of Contract in Florida?

Today I want to talk about Florida breach of contract. What is a breach of contract in Florida? Now different states have different laws so today I’m only focusing on Florida breach of contract.

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Florida Breach of Contract

So what’s a Florida breach of contract? A Florida breach of contract is, in litigation terms, a cause of action that an attorney will put into a complaint and file with the court. A breach of contract has several elements that must be pled and proved.

What’s a Contract?

These elements are first a valid and enforceable contract. What’s a contract? Well, there’s several elements to a contract. Those elements are:

  1. Offer: there must be an offer
  2. Acceptance: there must be an acceptance
  3. Consideration: there must be some consideration which is the item bargained for between the parties

What is a Breach?

The next element in a breach of contract is a breach. A breach occurs when one party did not perform the acts it was supposed to perform pursuant to a contract.

Damages From a Breach of Contract

Finally, the last element in a breach of contract claim is damages. This means that because of the breach one of the parties suffered damages.

In Florida, typical damages in a breach of contract action are monetary in nature.

Example of a Breach of Contract

So for example, Party A owns a business. Party B wishes to purchase that business.

So Party A and Party B draft a contract enter into a contract, whereby, Party A agrees to sell his business to Party B and also agrees to accept $100,000 for a purchase price.

Party B agrees to purchase the business and Party B agrees to pay Party A for the business.

After the contract’s executed Party A transfers the business to Party B after which however Party B does not fully pay the $100,000 to Party A. This is a breach of contract. Party A has now suffered monetary damages as a result of the acts of Party B.

So that’s a very quick synopsis what a breach of contract is in Florida. I hope this was helpful to you. Again, my name’s Reed Bloodworth the managing partner of Bloodworth Law. Give me a call. Let’s talk about what happened to you.

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